Keeping your polo wraps clean is important for your horse’s health and comfort. Typically, you should wash polo wraps after every 2-3 uses. However, if you leave your horse standing in them outside, you may need to replace and wash every 6-8 hours.

The wraps absorb sweat and dirt from your horse’s legs during rides. Letting dirt, grime, and moisture build up can lead to skin irritation for your horse.

Washing regularly prevents bacteria growth as well. Some visible signs it’s time to wash are noticeable stains, stiff texture, or unpleasant odors. Following a regular washing schedule for your wraps ensures fresh, soft wraps for your horse each time. 

Can You Wash Polo Wraps?

Yes, polo wraps can absolutely be machine washed. However, take care to wash them separately from other laundry. The hooks, Velcro, buttons, or snaps on wraps can catch on fabrics and damage both your wraps and clothes.

Choose a gentle cycle with cool water and mild detergent. Harsh cycles and hot water can damage, shrink, or fade the material.

Air drying is best to allow thorough drying while avoiding excess heat. With the proper washing method, wraps can handle many cycles in the washing machine. Taking time to carefully wash wraps helps prolong their usable life.

A rider and horse wearing polo wraps

Can I Put My Wraps in the Washing Machine?

For machine washable wraps, putting polo wraps in the washing machine is perfectly fine and even recommended. The machine allows a very thorough cleaning of sweat, dirt, and bacteria buildup from repeated use.

Be sure to wash wraps separately from regular laundry since hooks and closures can snag clothing. Use a gentle, cool cycle and mild detergent that won’t hurt your horse’s skin. Heavy duty cycles and very hot water can harm many wrap materials. 

Can I Air Dry Polo Wraps?

Air drying wraps after washing enables complete drying without heat damage. You may be able to use a gentle low dryer cycle. Make sure to read the label closely or check the retailer’s website for exact instructions. 

Do Polo Wraps Shrink After Washing Them?

Quality polo wraps will withstand machine washing without excessive shrinking thanks to their design. However, some shrinking can occur naturally over time with repeated use and cleaning. Cheap wraps tend to be more prone to shrinkage issues.

Washing in hot water or putting wraps in the dryer can cause extra shrinking. To help polo wraps best maintain their size and shape after washing, always use cool water and line dry. Proper stretch and fit on your horse’s legs depends on wraps that don’t shrink too much. Avoiding heat and air drying helps wraps retain their dimensions so they continue to work properly ride after ride.

How Do You Store Polo Wraps?

Proper storage keeps polo wraps in ideal condition between uses. The easiest method is rolling wraps up smoothly and placing them in a sealable bag or bin. Ensure your wraps are completely dry before storage to prevent mildew or stiffness.

Roll evenly and gently to prevent creasing. Smooth rolls make reusing quicker and easier. You can also store polo wraps stacked in shelves or drawers, just make sure they aren’t crushed or bent.

Keep your storage areas clean and dry. I’ve found that covered plastic containers like Rubbermaid bins work well for organization. Storing cleanly rolled wraps properly between rides extends their lifespan so they last multiple seasons.

How Do You Roll Up Horse Wraps?

Rolling horse wraps for storage takes some practice but becomes simple over time. Start by shaking out the wrap and laying it flat on a clean surface.

Smooth out any wrinkles or creases. Evenly fold both short ends toward the middle, keeping edges aligned. Then, take one short side and begin rolling inward, keeping tension firm but not stretched. Roll evenly and smoothly, avoiding bumps or folds.

Continue rolling into one tight coil then fold the ends under or secure with tape. Practice makes perfect for tight, flat rolls that are easy to carry, store, and reuse. Consistently smooth rolling improves wrap longevity while neat rolls save time tacking up.

Follow These Polo Wrap Care Tips to Make the Most of Your Gear

It’s important to take good care of your polo wraps so they last a long time and keep working well. By washing them often and storing them properly you’ll keep the wraps clean and damage-free for use after use.

Washing every few rides prevents dirt buildup and smelly bacteria growth that could irritate your horse. Machine washing is fine as long as you use a gentle cycle and cool water so they don’t shrink. By properly rolling and storing your polo wraps, you’ll prevent them from becoming crunched up or creased. This proper care helps the wraps last through multiple seasons.

Caring for polo wraps takes some extra effort but it protects your investment. Following these straightforward tips will extend the useful life of your wraps. That way they can keep doing their job in supporting and safeguarding your horse’s legs ride after ride. A little maintenance goes a long way for this important equestrian gear.

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