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I love these belts. If you’re anything like me and have a wider set of hips and booty, you understand the struggle: your breeches fit around your butt, but then they gap at the waist and have a tendency to slide down. But my slender peers also love these belts since they keep your breeches up and around your waist where they belong. And not only are they durable and functional, but they’re extremely cute. 

This is the one I have:

Little rainbow ponies! How cute are those? I get numerous compliments every time I wear this riding belt out to the stables. 

About the C4 Equestrian Classic Belt 

At first, I was a little skeptical. A plastic-y looking riding belt? Could that really be comfortable? The Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material is surprisingly soft and flexible, so I’ve actually found it as comfortable as leather!

C4 Classic Belts are cut-to-size, which means you can cut it at the perfect length to fit your waist. I’m very much in a period of weight fluctuation right now, so I cut mine a bit bigger in case I gain weight (I’m bulking), and then if I lose weight I can trim it down a little bit more.

About C4

C4, based in Georgia, is all about fun and functional accessories for people and their pets both large and small. They strive to offer responsible owners eco-friendly options, which is why all their products are 100% recyclable. They have watch bands, dog collars, riding belts, and other accessories in unique, eye-catching patterns. Their belts are all printed in the USA. The company has a social impact, too: They give back to two different nonprofits, Dogs Deserve Better and Wellspring Living.

My Favorite Features 

There’s a lot to love about these belts. To start with, the patterns are amazing and a far cry from the average black and brown riding belts you find other places. They’re also durable, easy to clean, and better for the environment than belts of other materials. 

Lifetime Guarantee 

Perhaps the best part of these belts is their sheer durability, and the lifetime guarantee that stands behind them. These belts are super tough: they’re made of the same plastic that lines snowmobile tracks. 

As an equestrian, I am very hard on my attire and gear. Active lifestyle seems like a bit of an understatement. Because of this, I’m always looking for high-quality, long-lasting equipment that will hold up, even after hundreds of hours. I’ve used the belts on miserably cold days, and blisteringly hot days. 


Anything I take to the barn gets dirty fast, it doesn’t matter what it is. When you’re cleaning stalls, grooming, and riding, grime takes a toll, especially when you’re wearing something over and over between cleanings. Traditional leather belts are tricky to take care of: you have to wipe them down, then add a conditioner, and let everything dry completely. At a certain point it becomes more a pain to clean than just dealing with your breeches sliding down if you don’t wear a belt. 

Thankfully, the C4 belt is super easy to clean! You can wipe down the TPE plastic or, even better, just throw it in the washing machine on the cold cycle. You don’t have to worry about the bright colors bleeding or fading. 

Eco (and Animal) Friendly 

The equestrian industry isn’t the most eco-friendly sector out there, but there’s certainly been some good movement made during recent years. I try to take steps to support a more sustainable lifestyle, including recycling when I can, which is why I like that this belt is 100% recyclable (including the buckle). 

How to Cut Your C4 Belt To Size 

I was initially a little worried about trimming my C4 belt and wasn’t sure what tools I would need. The belt is soft enough that you can cut right through it with normal scissors. I would definitely recommend going slow, and cutting off a little bit at a time between wrapping it back around your waist and judging whether or not it’s the right length. 

The belt came with a buckle that you clamp down over the cut end of the belt (so even if your cut is a tiny bit crooked, you won’t be able to tell). 

The plastic case the belt comes in also includes instructions that are easy to follow. 

C4 Belts I Might Buy Next 

I’m already considering buying another C4 belt so I can incorporate a little more variety. And then I can mix and match buckle colors, too. If you need a little inspiration, here are the belts on my wish list right now: 

I love all things pink. You’ll often find me rocking hot pink nails at the barn, and if a halter, bucket, or other item comes in pink, you know I’m going to choose that. Hopefully my mare is a girly girl. 

Anyway, how precious is this valentine-style belt? 

Two words: galaxy cats. I absolutely love how weird and wonderful this one is. I literally had a black t-shirt with a galaxy and cat face on it when I was in high school until a younger sister of mine stole it when I went off to college. Hmmm. I’m not sure what happened to it, but I really wish I still had it so I could match it with this belt!

I’m a little hungry just looking at this belt. I LOVE the brightly colored sushi pieces against that lovely blue background. I have a pair of underwear with a very similar print, and I’d love to rock the style where people can actually see it. They also offer belts with donut prints, taco prints, and even… drumroll please… a hot dog print that immediately makes me think of summer! 

You know the saying about man’s best friend. I’d argue that our horses are our best friends, but maybe dogs come in second? I married into a husky family, and I’m very tempted to get a belt with that breed represented on it. If huskies are a little too hairy and vocal for you (believe me, I see where you’re coming from), they likely have your breed of choice there. They have belts with everything from labs to pugs to aussies.

Questions About C4 Riding Belts

What sizes does the C4 belt come in? 

The C4 Classic Belt is one-size-fits-all. Every belt is 50 inches in length, and then you can cut it down to size so it fits you perfectly.

Does the C4 belt come with a buckle? 

Yes, most belts come with the buckle. However, you can buy buckles and belts separately if you want to mix and match with what you already have. 

Will C4 riding belts work with my breeches or jodhpurs? 

I’ve found that my C4 belt fits through the belt loops on my breeches without issue. However, it may be a good idea to measure your belt loops before purchasing the belt if possible. 

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