If you’re anything like me, your husband is not a big fan of you running your saddle pads through the washing machine… that is, unless you’re able to remove horse hair from your saddle pad before tossing it in the wash. 

Are you frantically searching how to get horse hair out of saddle pads

You have three great options for getting horse hair out of your saddle pad:

  1. Use a pressure washer to remove horse hair. 
  2. Use a shop vac to vacuum the hair off your saddle pad. 
  3. Use a stiff brush. 

Getting Horse Hair Out of Saddle Pads Made Easy

Getting horse hair out of your saddle pad likely isn’t as difficult as you think with the right tools. Yes, even during shedding season! Here are our favorite methods: 

How to Use a Pressure Washer to Remove Horse Hair from a Saddle Pad

A pressure washer is your easiest option to get hair off your saddle pad and give it a good wash at the same time. Lay your saddle pad out flat on a concrete surface. You can put it in the grass, but the power washer may tear up the grass and get your saddle pad muddy. 

Spray your saddle pad until all the hair is gone.

Pros: You wash and remove hair all at once, it is a very quick process. 

Cons: Need a power washer (can be expensive), can be messy, may tear your saddle pad fabric if you aren’t careful.

How to Use a Shop Vac to Get Hair Out of Your Saddle Pad

Another great method is to use a shop vac to vacuum the hair off of your saddle pad, then throw it in the washing machine. 

If you don’t have a shop vac, take your saddle pads to the nearest car wash and use one of their vacuums. Note that this may be a two person job so one person can hold the saddle pad taut while the other vacuums. You’ll also need a stack of quarters to feed the machine. 

Pros: Relatively easy, quick process.

Cons: You’ll need a shop vac or access to a powerful vacuum (your handheld dustbuster won’t cut it!).

Learn how to use a shop vac to clean a saddle pad

How to Use Your Horse’s Stiff Brush to Remove Hair from the Saddle Pad

If you don’t have access to a power washer or shop vac, you can always take a stiff brush and curry comb and approach cleaning your saddle pad the same way you’d groom your horse. Remove as much hair as you can with the curry comb, then brush the saddle pad. 

Pros: You have everything you need. 

Cons: Will take significant elbow grease, may not be as effective as other methods. 

abstract, brush, horsehair-5148325.jpg

Bonus Method: Using an Electric Drill to Clean the Saddle Pad

Okay, here’s the secret method…

You know those scrub brush attachments you can put on an electric drill? Those can work quite handily to remove hair from your saddle pad. Think of it as using a brush, but having a tool use it way more quickly than you’re able to. You may need another person to hold down the saddle pad while you use the drill, or you can just put bricks down on the corners. 

Pros: Fast and easy.

Cons: You need an electric drill and to purchase a special attachment. 

There you have it! Four great ways to remove horse hair from your saddle pads. Do you have a method you think is worthy of being featured! Please let us know via a comment!