Your Guide to Leasing a Horse

A girl riding the horse she leases

Here’s What’s Covered I love leasing horses. It’s something I’ve done for years, and even now I lease a Thoroughbred mare. For me, leasing a horse has been an opportunity to practice my skills and build a connection with the horse. There’s been many aspects of my life (frequent moves, limited time) that have made […]

Should I Wear a Ring While Riding? 

Woman riding a horse with gloves and ring

A quick note: I’m an Amazon Associate so I earn from qualifying purchases. Doing so helps me pay for site upkeep and dressage lessons. If you’re an equestrian who’s managed to find someone who will tolerate your many trips to the stables and love you despite (or because of?) the fact you always smell of […]

Cavalettis for Horse and Rider: What They Are and How They Can Help You

Cavalettis for horses

Ah, cavalettis. I have a few very specific memories of them. The first time I used them, my trainer had me trot over poles and then added a cavaletti under alternating sides of the poles, encouraging the thoroughbred cross I was riding to bounce over them gently while I held the two point position. It […]

Western Riding Gloves

human, horse, trot-3449594.jpg

Gloves are a popular choice for riders who enjoy riding in the western style. There are many reasons why gloves are a good choice for this type of riding. They do everything from protect your hands from blisters, weather and more to give you a better grip on your reigns. Do Western Riders Wear Gloves?  […]